The Portrait of a Certain Musician is the 10th episode of the D.N.Angel anime.

An acquaintance of Daiki Niwa passes away, and Daiki brings along Daisuke and Risa to the casket viewing. The person was Ehrlich von Vandembagu, a famous violinist. After the viewing, Daiki is presented with Ehrlich's violin, but as Daiki goes to sign some papers, Daisuke somehow gets near the violin and is sucked into the past. While Daisuke learns about the curse of the violin and Daiki's involvement, Daiki sends Dark to the past to try to rescue Daisuke before his soul gets consumed by the violin as well.


At a cemetery, people are gathering to pay their respects. Daiki (Daisuke's grandfather), Risa, and Daisuke are attending. Daiki holds a lily as they approach the casket for Ehrlich von Vandembagu, a famous violinist.

Daiki, Risa, and Daisuke lay flowers and pay their respects. Daiki bows to a woman who introduces herself as Vandembagu's sister, Bianca. Bianca invites them to drop by the house afterwards to give him something. At the estate, Risa admires Ehrlich's living room, and spots a picture with her grandmother and Ehrlich. Bianca arrives and invites them to another room. Risa makes a remark about him being kind, but apologizes if the remark was inconsiderate. Bianca tells Risa it's fine.

They arrive at a table with a violin case. Daiki opens it and confirms that it is indeed the violin. Bianca asks Daiki how he knows her brother, and he replies he made a pact with him when he was young. Bianca says that the violin made him a famous violinist, but now he's gone. Bianca cries and apologizes. She asks Daiki to come sign some forms, leaving Risa and Daisuke in the room with the violin. Daisuke doesn't know what to do since the two teens are alone, when Risa approaches and asks for a favor; will he come with her to pray. Then she notices the violin glow. Daisuke reaches forward to stop Risa from touching it but then the violin glows and he feels kind of funny. He closes the case. Risa asks if he's OK but Daisuke looks back at him with purple eyes instead of red. Risa rushes out of the room. Daiki returns and asks Daisuke what is wrong, before noticing that things are turning bad.

Outside the room, Daisuke wonders what happened. He sees someone approach him. She looks like Risa, but then she walks right through him! Meanwhile, Daiki notices that the violin has taken Daisuke's soul, leaving the purple-eyed Dark in Daisuke's body.

Daisuke sees Ehrlich on stage playing the violin. But soon afterwards he gets frustrated and drops the violin, leaving the stage. Daisuke ponders if he's gone back in time? Outside in the alley, Ehrlich is staggering around, bumping into someone and falling. When he rises he sees some items in a curio shop, including a violin that glows green. Daisuke recognizes it as the same violin. Ehrlich's eyes glow green; he just has to have it! Meanwhile, Daiki and Dark hold up feathers and cast a spell.

At the house, Ehrlich is playing his violin which glows green. Daisuke appears and sees him playing. Ehrlich eyes continue to glow green with ferocity. Daisuke doesn't like the looks of it, and calls out to him. Then Daisuke sees a young phantom thief arrive; it's Daiki from ages ago. Daiki grabs the violin and is about to leave when Erlich wakes up.

As Daiki rushes out, the violin glows and he trips. Ehrlich demands the violin back and grabs onto the instrument. They struggle back and forth tugging the violin. Daiki warns that the violin will consume him, but Ehrlich doesn't care and says it's his life; it's attuned to his soul. Daisuke is pushed back. Ehrlich plays the violin more and a large glow surrounds him that tosses Daisuke back. The green glow attacks Daiki but Daisuke rushes to get in the way absorbing the green energy. Daisuke winces in pain. Dark arrives from the dimensional gate and holds out a feather. The green energy lunges at Dark, but he counters with some blue magic of his own. Ehrlich falls back and faints. Dark says it's time for Daisuke to go; he doesn't want Daisuke changing history, so he holds up the feather. Daisuke is worried that Daiki will be helpless. Ehrlich recovers and glows green again. The bell rings, signifying they're out of time. Daisuke gets repelled by the green field. Dark charges and throws the feathers at Ehrlich, who falls and tosses the violin into the air. Daisuke catches it and rushes over to Daiki to give him the violin, but Daiki is still down. Dark grabs Daisuke, and holds up the feather to return to regular time. They disappear while the violin likes next to Daiki. Ehrlich is still down as well.

Daisuke wakes up and finds himself in the tea room where Ehrlich and Bianca are together. Ehrlich holds a violin and Bianca is playing piano. Did Daisuke change Ehrlich's fate after all? Ehrlich walks toward Daisuke but passes right through him again. Daisuke wakes up and sees his grandfather Daiki. He asks Daiki if he had returned the violin back to Ehrlich? A brief flashback occurs where Daiki remembers waking up and making a pact with Ehrlich. Daiki now remembers that Daisuke must have placed the violin next to him back then.

Back at the grounds, Risa offers a prayer while Daiki and Daisuke look on, with Daiki holding onto the violin case where it can do no more harm.


Flashback of the past, when Daiki regains conciousness:
Daiki: So it was Daisuke who saved me back then.

Daisuke's soul was taken by the violin.
Dark: There's no time to mess around. If the day changes in the world of the past... Daisuke won't be able to come back.