Some events happening in the DNAngel anime can be broken into story arcs. The following is a list of arcs followed by a short summary and the included episodes.

The Curse[edit | edit source]

Daisuke Niwa is an ordinary teenager until a genetic curse manifests on his 14th birthday: he transforms into the legendary Phantom Thief Dark whenever he thinks about the girl he loves, Risa Harada. The only way to lift the curse is to have his feelings returned. Unfortunately, Risa falls in love with Dark at first sight.

Daisuke is brought by family tradition to steal unique artworks as Dark, but his classmate Satoshi Hiwatari is part of the police force and hosts an antagonistic curse of his own: Krad.

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A Series of Heists[edit | edit source]

Daisuke steals more artworks and realises the complexity of the family’s duty as humans and art can share various and deep relationships.

His father returns home with a special present and the boy’s daily life takes a new turn. An artwork, Towa, soon joins the family.

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Summer Arc[edit | edit source]

At school, a transfer student named Mio Hio seems unusually interested in the boy. Dark kisses Risa and Daisuke understands his love won’t be reciprocated.

Dark soon brings his relationship with Risa to an abrupt end. Daisuke and his classmates go on a school trip by the sea and the boy realises his feelings for Riku Harada.

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Second Hand of Time Arc[edit | edit source]

Under a mysterious influence, Daisuke is brought to the Second Hand of Time that takes him to its world. Dark and the Harada sisters cooperate to bring him back.

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Black Wings Arc[edit | edit source]

Krad and Satoshi’s father try to awaken the Black Wings, even if it means endangering the whole town. While an evacuation is ordered, Daisuke and Dark face their foes together.

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