Satoshi Hiwatari (日渡怜 Hiwatari Satoshi) is the initial antagonist of D.N.Angel. He is the special commander of the Azumano Police Department in charge of capturing Dark. He is also one of Daisuke Niwa's classmates. His former surname is Hikari (氷狩), and he is the last known heir to that family of famous artists - as a result, he inherited the alter ego of Krad.

Appearance Edit

Satoshi has thin blue hair and dark blue eyes. He is taller than most of the children in his class and is considered handsome by many people, both teen and adult.[1][2]

Usually, Satoshi wears his Azumano Middle School uniform to heists as he does not have the time to change after school.[3] He often has the sleeves of his shirt rolled up as well. He keeps a black notebook and pen in his shirt pocket and has carried Hikari paintbrushes, his police badge, and a magic mirror with him as well.[1][4][5][6]

Sometimes he wears simple turtle necks or jackets and simple trousers. Once, after he had temporarily dropped out of school, he wore a shirt with the Hikari cross embroidered on the back.[7]

He almost always wears wide, frame-less glasses, despite admitting that he does not truly need them to see.[8][9]

Personality Edit

Calm and composed, Satoshi rarely shows his emotions which causes others to find him distant and cold. He can be bluntly truthful and rude, eschewing honorifics unless they're required to clarify whom he is talking about.[10][2]

He is extremely intelligent in addition to being hard-working both in school and at his job; he finishes his homework in class despite no longer needing to attend school and stays up late researching Dark and artworks in order to better hunt the thief.[3]

Though he occasionally skips school, Satoshi participates in school events that his classmates volunteer him for, even when he is not personally interested.[11]

He instantly dismisses the advances of his fangirls and initially attempts to dissuade Daisuke from befriending him. Despite this, Satoshi still shows signs of caring for others by providing handkerchiefs, returning lost objects, wrapping coats around shoulders, physically shielding people, and attempting to rescue them through a variety of means.[1][10][12][13][14][15][9]

He is shown to have a sense of humor as well, as he will purposefully say or do things that make Daisuke nervous.[2][16]

When hunting Dark, he possesses a passionate determination in his eyes and smiles more frequently.[17] He is not embarrassed using any means necessary to achieve his goals, including cross-dressing and almost kissing Dark in order to capture him, as well as nearly giving Daisuke CPR to save the latter's life.[13][18] Though he will risk his own health and life to capture Dark, he can become angry if someone interferes or endangers others.[7]

History Edit

After his mother's death, Satoshi was adopted by a 26 year old police commissioner by the name of Hiwatari and his name was changed from Hikari to Hiwatari.

Satoshi graduated from high school at the age of eight and college at the age of thirteen. He enrolled in Daisuke's middle school in order to be closer to Dark's alter ego, whom he knew to be Daisuke.

In the manga Edit

In his first appearance Satoshi quietly reviews blueprints at his desk while his classmates talk elsewhere. Despite the heist that night, he has cleaning duties after school and goes to the supplies closet where he finds Daisuke crying and lamenting his bad luck at bringing the wrong key. Satoshi silently offers him a handkerchief and takes notes in his black book after Daisuke quickly hacks the digital door lock for him.

In the anime Edit


On Daisuke Niwa's birthday, Satoshi cleans alone with Daisuke after school, having told their classmates not to come and revealing to Daisuke that he wanted to be alone with him. Satoshi emphasizes that he likes paintings, but his subtle hints about Dark’s plans later that night are not yet understood by Daisuke.[19]

Outside the site of Dark’s second consecutive heist since his return, Satoshi stands with Inspector Saehara. He leaves without a word when Krad begins struggling inside him, causing him to clutch his chest in pain, alone in an alleyway. He immediately sees that the relief on the Central Church has been replaced with a projection and discerns that Dark will leap into a nearby building. Before he can arrest Daisuke, he is attacked by the bird artwork and must defend himself with a vial of water. Later he wields a glowing white feather to stop the artwork’s attack, but withdraws upon seeing that Dark has subdued it.[20]

One following morning, Satoshi opens his eyes, exhausted; his fight against Krad lasted most of the night. His thoughts are interrupted by an incoming call from his father, and he decides to visit him at work before going to school.

Satoshi remains cold in front of the man’s obvious displays of affection and, after a short chat about the boy’s progress on Dark’s case, he is driven to school. In the hallway, Daisuke inquires about his health.

Intrigued by the later’s behaviour, Satoshi enters the locked computer room and catches Daisuke researching him and his past. The boy is called by Risa, who requires his attention, and Satoshi lets him go. However, Satoshi checks the computer afterward: Daisuke has managed to access almost all his personal data. Realizing he shouldn’t be underestimated, Satoshi decides to confront him directly and prepares an action plan.

Episode 4 Daisuke and Satoshi locked in the cold room

Satoshi and Daisuke in the freezer.

At the end of the day, using Daisuke’s offer to help carrying boxes with him, Satoshi locks both of them into the school’s cold room in hope of forcing the thief to become Dark to open the door. Even so, Daisuke doesn’t transform and the two teenagers wait together. Satoshi suddenly feels unwell as Krad’s power is growing stronger, and Daisuke offers his support. Daisuke then questions him about the reasons that made him come to this school, which Satoshi answers honestly: he wanted to live like a normal teenager. However, Satoshi pushes him away.

Krad ultimately takes Satoshi’s place and fights Daisuke and Dark, using his host’s energy to the point of Satoshi being rendered unconscious when they switch back. The boy, whose back has been wounded by Krad’s wings, is carried outside by Mr. Kaseda.

When Daisuke and Satoshi meet again, both boys have recovered, and Satoshi offers to drive him to school. In the vehicle, Satoshi explains that the incident in the storage room was classified as a refrigerator malfunction. He adds that it would be best if they did not see each other for a while. Daisuke watches in front of the school as the limousine drives away with Satoshi inside.[21]

Relationships Edit

Daisuke Niwa Edit

Daisuke is initially Satoshi's target due to their family feud, but he becomes his friend throughout the course of the series. Though Satoshi had resolved himself to hating the Niwas until the day he died, even before meeting them, he admits that he could not bring himself to hate Daisuke.[22]

Dark Mousy Edit

Dark is Satoshi's true target as a rogue creation of the Hikari family that steals their artworks and as the other half of Krad.

Krad Edit

Krad is Satoshi's other half and the curse that is killing him.

Commissioner Hiwatari Edit

The commissioner adopted Satoshi and claims to share his goal of wanting to capture Dark above all else.

Inspector Saehara Edit

The inspector is Satoshi's second-in-command on the special task force responsible for capturing Dark. Satoshi is not shown interacting with him except to relay orders and review the police procedures before and after heists. He does not tell the inspector when he leaves their location to work independently, much to the subordinate's frustration. Despite the inspector's annoyance with Satoshi's methods and attitude, he obeys his superior's orders quickly and precisely as Saehara and his men alone are helpless against Dark.

Satoshi is shown once explaining Dark's deception to the inspector, but it is revealed later that Dark himself was impersonating the man.[23]

Risa Harada Edit

Risa is Satoshi's classmate. She is saved or aided by him several times during the series.

Takeshi Saehara Edit

Takeshi is another of Satoshi's classmates. They rarely see eye-to-eye as Satoshi does not understand nor approve of Takeshi's illogical and inefficient methods, especially when their classmates' safety is in question.[24]

Argentine Edit

Satoshi intends to destroy Argentine himself when the artwork is released by Commissioner Hiwatari and causes havoc at Azumano Joyland, as it is his duty as a Hikari and he does not trust the unstable power in this incomplete artwork. His Hikari abilities enable him to sense the artwork's location in the tower, and he knows enough about Argentine's intentions to trust that the kidnapped Risa Harada will remain unharmed for several days.

When he overhears Daisuke telling Argentine that the dying artwork now has a heart, Satoshi changes his mind and takes a piece of Qualia with him to recreate Argentine to be stable and less powerful - completely removing the abilities to sense Kokuyoku's feelings and fly in the process. He then gifts Argentine to the Niwas with the duty of maintaining and repairing their stolen art collection.

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  • Satoshi nearly always breaks or loses his glasses when Krad gains control.

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