The Rutile

The Rutile of Grief appears in anime, debuting in episode 12, Together With Rutile


When Kosuke returns home from his travel, he gives Daisuke a replica of famed Rutile Ring as a souvenir. Although it's only a replica, like the real one it has an ability to draw out the hidden abilities of the one who holds it. However it has the potential to drive that person to destruction.

Commissioner Hiwatari gives Satoshi Hiwatari the real Rutile and leaves another replica in the museum as bait. [reference needed] Daisuke's classmates are also shown to have replicas as the news of the original's arrival in Azumano increased the artwork's popularity.

Kosuke shares the pain

Kosuke Blocks Krad's attack

Kosuke uses his replica to share the pain with Daisuke and Dark when fighting Krad. He is shown to continue wearing it throughout the series until the finale, where it is revealed to be heavily damaged after Kosuke faints. He continues to endure pain with Daisuke and Dark until the events of Eternal Dark have passed.

Trivia Edit

  • In the anime it is also called the Rutile of Grief.
  • Kosuke's Rutile glows when Daisuke is in danger.