Kosuke Niwa (丹羽 小助 Niwa Kosuke) is the father of the protagonist of the series, Daisuke Niwa. He was not born into the Niwa family but married into it.

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He has dark eyes and hair, which is spiky like his son's but finer. Kosuke returns from his travels wearing worn boots and a thick coat, but throughout the series wears collared shirts and sweaters.

He occasionally wears Dark's clothes to help his son during heists.


Kosuke is serious when he needs to be, but is generally clumsy and shy, much like his son. He is easily embarrassed by his wife, Emiko Niwa, and her antics. The Niwa plans and traps frighten him, but he nevertheless makes efforts to help and protect Daisuke.

He is intelligent and perceptive, able to find connections between historical passages and artworks through his past and present research. Having spent an unknown number of years travelling and studying the Cultural Revolution, he possesses a great deal knowledge on the subject.

As an outsider "meddling" in the Niwa-Hikari feud, he believes his position gives him a clearer perspective on the curse and how to break it.[1] Likewise, though he says he cannot understand the bond that Niwa males have with Dark, he theorizes on its nature and implications, especially for his son.[2]

History Edit

Past Edit

When Kosuke married Emiko, he agreed to take on the Niwa last name, to retain the family surname for future generations.

Present Edit

He researches artworks to aid his family.

In the anime Edit

When he returns, Daisuke states that he has been away from home for 12 years[3]. Reminiscent of his manga return, Kosuke gives Daisuke a magical ring - a replica of the artwork called the Rutile of Grief - as a souvenir from his journey. It has an ability to draw the holder's hidden abilities, and Kosuke uses it to share Daisuke's pain during a lengthy battle with Krad.

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Daisuke Niwa Edit

When Daisuke is pulled into his painting by the Second Hand of Time, Kosuke is able to explain the true story of the Ice and Snow fairy tale, Ice and Dark and assist in rescuing his son. He likewise finds information about the Hikari artwork, Argentine, when he hears Daisuke mumble the name after passing out at Azumano Joyland.

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  • Is that face yours? Or is it someone else's?
  • Hold on Diasuke!...alligator?!
  • About the dogs that chase Daisuke...

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References Edit

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