With follows Daisuke  to school on the same day as home-eco class. Because he has to spent his time having to keep With out of trouble, Daisuke ends up getting a detention with Risa. Risa, who has trouble cooking, gets Riku  to switch with her and they both wear wigs and pretend to be each other. Daisuke thinks he's cured from his curse when his heart doesn't beat like mad over "Risa ". At the end of the day, not a single person notices that the twins have switched. Meanwhile, Daisuke's given a mission to steal the other half of a dragon statue, but doesn't end up needing to in the end.

Summary Edit


  • When With is learning how to say Daisuke's name he pronounces it Daisuki, which translates to "I really like you!" This is what he says to Riku (dressed as Risa) at the end of cabbage shredding duty.
  • The commercial break graphic of the swinging black feather is played four times in this episode. On the fourth time, both Risa and Riku shout "Enough, already!" and the music grinds to a halt.