Dark Mousy (ダーク・マウジ Daku Mauji) is the deuteragonist of D.N.Angel. He is a famous phantom art thief and the alter ego of the protagonist, Daisuke Niwa. His main targets are artworks created by the Hikari family, though he will steal others at the request of the Niwa family.

Appearance Edit

Dark looks like a seventeen year old with long, violet hair, including bangs that cover a small portion of the center of his face. His eye are either purple or red, depending on the illustration.

His clothing is designed by Emiko Niwa, who ensures each one is unique and practical. His shirts, trousers, shoes, and optional capes and gloves are always black, though they may have silver or white accents.

If Daisuke transforms into him unwillingly, or unexpectedly, he dons Daisuke's school uniform. He also has black feathered wings, normally provided by his friend and pet With.

In the anime Edit

Dark is usually seen wearing a high-collared black sleeveless shirt, with ivory stripes lining the zipper and the sleeves. His eyes are always purple.

Personality Edit

Dark is an extremely skilled and confident thief; he enjoys heists almost as much as he enjoys taunting the police officers and Hikari that hunt him.

He is playful and flirtatious, easily talking with girls wearing his own face or the face of his tamer, and making Daisuke as flustered and frustrated as possible for his own enjoyment. Flirting with women is fun for him and he is not embarrassed when tackled by them or kissing them.

Dark is often impatient and very expressive, speaking loudly and bluntly or showing his emotions on his face. When enraged, he will mercilessly attack artworks who kidnap humans who "belong to him".[1][2] Artworks calling him "Kokuyoku" rather than "Dark" will also anger him.[3] Though Dark teases Daisuke for needing to be rescued often, he is genuinely worried when his tamer is in danger and secretly impressed when Daisuke displays his own thieving skills.[4][5]

Due to the nature of the Niwa curse, as long as Daisuke does not retreat into his own mind, Dark knows and experiences the teen's thoughts, feelings, and sensations.[6][7] However, Dark does not share his own feelings or memories so easily and thus hides parts of his true nature from his other half.[8]

Dark is opportunistic enough to prey on his tamers' insecurities and offer to become one with them. He does not hesitate to attempt to seize full control of Daisuke's when the boy is distressed after they both kiss Riku.[7] However, he also knows how to comfort his tamer and return him to his senses.[9]

As time passes, Dark sacrifices more of his chances for winning both his lover and Daisuke's body in order to protect them.[10][11] He vehemently rejects living as an "infection" like Krad.[12][13] Though Dark does not acknowledge it, other characters believe that Dark's heart is changing, becoming more open to both the possibilities of being loved by Risa and of living in coexistence with the Niwas.[14][15]

Dark speaks informally with everyone, including his loves and "elders", and never uses honorifics except mockingly.

In the anime, Dark is more silent, rarely talking to Daisuke internally except to warn him of dangers or tease the boy. For example, he once leaves his partner a written note laying out the terms of a bet.[16]

History Edit

Past Edit

Dark was created 400 years prior to the events in the manga by the artist Hikari. He was intended to be a large painting called The Black Wings, but Hikari's ritual for injecting life into the artwork was interrupted by the phantom thief Niwa, who used the alias "Dark" at the time.[17][18] As a result, half of Black Wings attached itself to the Niwa genes in the form of Dark's curse.

He has been hunted by the descendants of Hikari, who inherited his separated other half and archnemesis is Krad. Though he and Krad "call out" to each other as halves of the same artwork, Krad cannot transform through Hikari females. This does not prevent the females from hunting Dark.

Over the centuries, the main branch of the Niwa family cooperated with Dark to steal Hikari artworks. Dark consciously mitigated the effects of his unintentional curse to ensure neither he nor his hosts suffered unnecessarily: he continued to make it difficult for the Niwas to fulfill their love (and pass on their cursed genes), but he only transformed their bodies through powerful feelings of love, which greatly reduced the pain and physical strain.[14][17]

Volume 15 dark by daiki

Dark, as seen through Daiki's eyes.

Ninety-nine years prior to the present setting, the Niwas acquired a demon rabbit named With, whom Dark uses as his wings rather than generating his own.

Daiki Niwa was his 18th tamer, and Dark considers him to be very skilled.[19] Before his 40-year disappearance, Dark casually suggested that Daiki "become one" with him. However, their lover had chosen Daiki over Dark at the time, so Dark smiled sadly and was not heard within Daiki again.[20]

When Emiko Niwa was a small child, she cried out to Dark to let her become a phantom thief; he heard her but could do nothing.[21]

In the manga Edit

On November 11th, the day that Daisuke Niwa turns 14 years old, Dark emerges. He does not take control of Daisuke's transformed body until the boy is nearly captured by Satoshi Hiwatari during a heist for the Saint Tears. He praises Daisuke for making it so far on his own and uses With as a distraction to escape with his first stolen artwork in 40 years.

In the anime Edit


Dark is actually 300 years old. After his first heist with Daisuke, he almost transforms back into the boy after seeing Risa. The process forces him to land on the Harada terrace, where Riku stands. Before she can alert anyone, he kisses her to keep her silent.[22]

The next day, as a golden bird artwork is causing different accidents in town, Dark is sent to the Central Church with a map and an enchanted feather which can be used to stun the artwork for enough time to bring it to the Niwa household. Before leaving, he expresses his will to stay in control all the time and comes up with a challenge. The thief writes a letter for Daisuke in which he dares him to escape from the heist place using only his own skills: if the boy gets caught, Dark will be allowed to do whatever he wants.
Episode2 Dark fighting the relief

Dark sealing the relief

After infiltrating the church and stealing the bird relief by replacing the original with a projection, the thief changes back into Daisuke; the challenge begins.

Despite Daisuke successfully evading capture, Dark takes control to talk to Risa and jokingly asks her out on a date.

The golden bird activates again and attacks Dark, who seals it, under the young lady’s admiring eyes. When she gets his attention again, he remembers the woman he truly loves and reverts to Daisuke.[16]

Episode 3 Dark using a magic feather

Dark using a magic feather to enter the unicorn painting

The following day, a unicorn painting causes multiple girls to disappear around town. Despite wanting to handle the heist by himself, Daisuke must transform into Dark to enter the painting. The painting’s owner appears in the room soon after, ordering Dark to steal the painting.

Dark, wielding the black feather, activates its magic with a German spell and enters the painting. He tries to shake Risa awake, but she tells him not to interfere, having already entered into Misaki’s feelings. Misaki tells the unicorn to remove Dark, however the sight of the thief in pain frees Risa from the spell.

Dark summons With with his feather, trapping the unicorn in a portal and freeing the children. Dark grabs her hand when Risa hesitates to leave Misaki and reassures her that the latter will no longer be lonely.

Back in the castle, Dark smugly flies away with Risa in his arms after Riku accuses the thief of being a pervert. Dark brings her to a cliff of wind turbines above the city and tries to kiss her. However, he is stopped by Daisuke’s distress and submits to the boy’s wishes this time.[23]

Episode 4 Dark teases Daisuke

Dark teases Daisuke

One following morning, Daisuke is awaken by a dream where Risa suddenly turns into Satoshi Hiwatari. Dark teases him and suggests an attraction for his male classmate, earning vehement outcries.

Later that day, as Daisuke and Satoshi Hiwatari are trapped in a cold room, Dark feels Krad awakening in the other boy’s body. Krad appears before them and Dark tells Daisuke how Satoshi bears a similar curse to theirs. A fight between the two angels ensues and Dark does his best to not rely on magic for the sake of his host. Dark and Krad’s equal forces cancel each other in a final blast and they both change back.[24]

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He is the phantom thief who constantly steals art pieces made by the Hikari family. Unlike Daisuke, who likes Risa Harada, in the manga Dark fell in love with Riku (Risa's twin sister). However, he is constantly being pursued by Risa, who fell for him when she first saw him on the news. While he does not seem to reciprocate her feelings much, he does say that he can "feel" her words "right here" in his heart (Volume 9). He uses With as his wings. {C In the anime, Dark informs Risa that he has no feelings for her except as she reminds him of her grandmother, whom he truly loved. In the manga, it is later suggested that he is falling, or has fallen, in love with Risa instead of Riku, or at the very least is apparently displaying a great deal of care and thought for her and her feelings (Volumes 9-13). {C Though he and Daisuke often argue over missions and Risa and Riku, it's apparent that Dark cares for his host, taking care not to harm him by using too much of his magic, and protecting him when possible.


  • At Chapter 49 of the manga, Dark broke the fourth wall by saying "If I'd woken up just one panel later I woulda...!"
  • Both Riku Harada and Risa Harada had their first kiss with Dark.


  • "You don't have to like someone forever just because you like them at first!"
  • "I may be a pervert, but I would never stoop so low as to steal a lady!"
  • "If you woulda just called my wings out in the first place we wouldn't be in this sticky, not to mention lame, complete and utter failure of a situation."
  • "She's pretty cute when she's sleeping."
  • "I am you." (To Daisuke.)
  • "It's more like eternally stuck in the mud."
  • "I told you, didn't I? That 'I am you.' ." (To Daisuke.)
  • "you look like an angel but you think like a devil" :dnangel,eng epsd4.
  • "Violence is not my style." (Episode 12, anime.)


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