Daichi Niwa is the son of Daisuke Niwa and Riku Harada 20 years in the future from the current story line. He only appears in Anime in Episode 13 "The Eternal Mark".


Daisuke traveled 20 years in the future with the help of Towa (The Eternal Mark) to retrieve the lost Black Stone Of Shiira.

Towa flew towards a fountain where she saw the Black Stone, unfortunately a child took the stone first. As Daisuke chases the child. He notice that he chases the child to his house where it is unveiled that his mother Emiko, still lives there. She calls the child Daichi. 

Evidence points to the fact that Daichi is Daisuke's son. After Daisuke leaves he hears Daichi's mother's voice and it is confirmed to be Riku at the end of the series.


  • It's not Grandma, It's Miss Emiko right? (Emiko to Daichi)
  • Give it back to him, this person wouldn't lie. (Emiko to Daichi, referring to Daisuke)