The Agate Links was a necklace displayed in the Lagalith Art Museum. It is a necklace that has two wings and two blue gems.

History Edit

As revealed by Daiki Niwa[reference needed], the Agate Links was a Niwa family treasure (though he was uncertain about this). 40 years ago, Daiki took up the responsiblity of becoming Dark and followed the family tradition, though he had no passion for it.

One night, after doing his job, Daiki was attracted to a window that was always lit at night. He met Menou Kurashina, a blond, shy and frail girl. Daiki visited her always after his work as a phantom thief. Daiki wanted to see her smile and probably fell in love with her.

Daiki would always make her smile and spend time together and one day decided to give her something, so he left the Agate Links in her window and flew off while she was asleep. Unfortunately, the girl died the following day. Her spirit have been bound to the Agate Links, causing her to be caged inside[reference needed].

Years later, Takeshi Saehara took a photo of the Agate Links with Menou in the background (causing Saehara to fall in love with her).

When Daiki visited the museum and saw the Agate Links, he found out that there something unusual with the necklace and requests Daisuke and Dark to destroy the Agate Links, specifically to free Menou from the curse of the necklace.

When Dark went to steal the necklace, Menou appeared and told Dark to wait for one more day, in which Dark agrees.

When the promised day arrived, Saehara fought Dark to protect the Agate Links. Saehara falls off a roof, breaking the Agate Links. When Dark retrieves the necklace as promised, Daisuke switches with Dark and tells him that they cannot let things end that way and gives the broken necklace back to Menou. When Menou sees Daisuke, tears fall from her eyes as he saw Daiki once more, in the body of Daisuke. This was due to Daisuke's resemblance to the 14-year-old Daiki Menou remembers. Her wish was granted and finally said thank you to Daiki through Daisuke. Menou ascends to the sky and happily disappears, along with the Agate Links[reference needed].