Adonis of the Promise Garden is the 7th episode of the D.N.Angel anime.

Ayaka Hatori, the popular girl in Daisuke's school, has been dating a handsome and mysterious guy, but Dark recognizes him as a spirit of an Adonis statue, whom he and Daisuke's grandfather had tried to seal some time ago. Dark must find a way to stop Adonis from giving Ayaka the kiss that could suck away her life.


At a castle garden, Dark stands in front of a statue, chanting some German and holding out a black feather. The statue and the feather start to glow. Dark wraps up his chant and says he will continue the next part of the ceremony tomorrow during the full moon. In the afternoon, Daisuke rushes out and sees Risa. He calls out to her, and she turns around and greets him. She approaches Daisuke quickly with a big smile, and as Daisuke gets excited, Risa walks right by him and remarks how stunning is that girl with the light brown hair. Riku arrives and explains that’s the pretty Miss Hatori. Risa thinks she could be popular like that if she had Dark, but Riku disagrees. The girls argue and jab at each other, while Daisuke tries to calm them down. That day, a boat with a crane lifts up a statue from the water, which happens to be the same statue Dark was dealing with earlier. Daisuke leaves an art store with a canvas and supplies. He sees Miss Hatori sitting by a fountain. She turns and walks behind the fountain, and when she comes out the other side she’s walking and hugging the arm of a tall dark-haired man. Dark senses something is up and tells Daisuke to quickly transform. But he can’t, because he doesn’t have Risa’s picture. After the couple leaves, Dark tells Daisuke to relay a message to Daisuke’s grandfather: Adonis in the Garden of Vows has revived! Daiki walks out to the castle ruin and looks out. Daisuke returns home looking for grandfather but he’s not home. On the table is a news article about the ship picking up the statue. Miss Hatori and the guy are looking at some pictures at the art store. Daisuke starts at a blank canvas and ponders. He wants to talk to Dark, but no answer. With sits on Daisuke’s lap, and then his mom tells him grandfather is back. Daiki explains to Daisuke how, long ago, there was a castle by the cliffside where young lovers in the garden would confess their love to one another, and there was a statue of the Greek legend Adonis. But the statue contained a monster that preyed upon the souls of women, draining them with a kiss. Dark and Daiki tried to seal the monster and were partly through the ceremony, but the next day, the castle was struck by a large tidal wave and the statue fell in the ocean. Daisuke connects Adonis to the guy Miss Hatori is seeing. Hatori and Adonis watch a scary vampire movie. Hatori holds Adonis’ hand. At 6pm, Dark flies out looking for Adonis. He doesn’t see them over the fountain area, so he glides over town, spotting a pier. Hatori and Adonis walk along the pier and Hatori drags Adonis to the edge of the pier where they look at the harbor. Adonis hugs Hatori and then they kiss! Adonis stops and grunts. He backs off and looks up where he sees Dark. Adonis runs off, and Hatori tries to follow him. Dark is surprised. That night, Daiki looks out at the sky, and remarks to Emiko that the task may be difficult for Daisuke. Hatori runs about the harbor, looking for Adonis. She sees Adonis standing on top of a sail pole. Dark lands on a nearby pole, and Adonis greets Dark. Adonis explains something must have happened when he was kissing Ayaka (Ms. Hatori); he was going to drain her soul like all the others, but he didn’t, because he couldn’t stand to live without her. Ayaka looks shocked, and tears form and stream down her eyes. Dark wants to get going with the sealing ceremony, but Adonis asks to delay until tomorrow night, so he could bring Ayaka to the garden first.

The next afternoon, Daisuke’s classmates talk about Miss Hatori having a boyfriend, while Daisuke ponders the situation. That night, Dark flies off to the garden of the castle ruins where Adonis and Ayaka are together. Ayaka gives Adonis a hug, but Adonis grunts in pain, and starts to transform into a creature, his fingers extending into claws. Dark lands and holds out his feather. Ayaka reaches for a kiss but Adonis pushes him back. Ayaka grabs Dark and begs him not to continue. Adonis glows and falls to his knees. Ayaka rushes over and gives him a kiss. Adonis smiles and his hands start to dissipate in light. Ayaka stands up, crying, and wants to reach Adonis but Dark holds her back, telling her to just watch. Adonis smiles and dissipates more into glitter. Ayaka runs forward to the sea cliff and cries. Dark tells her why not jump, but Ayaka refuses, saying she won’t throw away the life Adonis gave his own for. The next day, Daisuke wants to class and is greeted by Risa and Riku. They see Ayaka arrive, and she greets everyone, especially Daisuke, and walks on. Risa and Riku remark how she’s so pretty, while Daisuke smiles.


  • Adonis asked Dark to give him one more night with Hatori & seal him the next morning, but it was actually the next night.
  • When Hatori and Adonis are outside the Artist Materials store, Hatori's reflection shows on the glass but not Adonis'.