A Little Romance is the 9th episode of the D.N.Angel anime.

While out with Daisuke  and Riku, With spots a floppy white rabbit at the local pet store and falls in love. He sneaks out to meet the rabbit again, but when With gets there, he finds out that she's been sold. Daisuke and Riku go looking for With in a rainstorm and Riku is impressed by what Daisuke is willing to do for his pet.

Summary Edit

Emiko wakes Daisuke up and tells him she needs him to help with some shopping errands. With wants to go too, so Daisuke lets him hop into the tote bag.

Emiko stops at a grocery store and Daisuke eyes some delicious strawberries. Emiko decides to get some, but then she also buys a whole bunch of veggies, weighing Daisuke down. The bag is really heavy. When they gets home, Daisuke asks why so much, and Emiko replies she wanted fresh groceries. They find With at the bottom of the basket but his mouth is all red! Oh no, could he have been crushed? No, he just ate a bunch of strawberries. Grandfather remarks that Daisuke used to eat all the strawberries when he was young too, so Daisuke and With are a lot alike.

At school, the girls talk about their pets. Ritsuko and her friends have cats and dogs. Risa and Riku only have fish because Riku’s allergic to cats. Daisuke is curious and gets involved in the conversation. Risa asks if Daisuke has a pet, and he replies he has a rabbit. Riku starts to analyze his personality saying he isn’t the lizard type. They ask for the rabbit’s name, and he answers With. When asked if he’s cute, Daisuke replies that he’s got big long ears. The girls remark at his simple reply because all rabbits have long ears, so Daisuke clarifies his rabbit has floppy ones. They want to see him but he replies that he’s pretty old. Daisuke retires to his desk and ponders With’s age; he’s been Dark’s familiar for ages. Then Saehara surprises Daisuke, and tells Dai he can get him a picture of Risa in a bikini.

As Daisuke walks home, he sees a strawberry plant at a shop, and decides to get one for With, who is pretty excited, but has to wait until they are ripe. Daisuke places them at the window and With waits by the plant and the day progresses. Daisuke is at the fountain at sunset and is about to draw when With pops his head out of the bag. Daisuke tells With not to come out and With complies. He starts drawing when Riku surprises him by complimenting the drawing. Daisuke panics briefly, thinking Riku might have seen With, but she didn’t. Riku asks him to come with her.

At the pet shop, Riku shows Daisuke a floppy eared rabbit at the window. Riku makes some comments about first impressions, and Daisuke thinks to himself that Riku has pretty eyes. The rabbit in the store lies down and Riku says to look at the pose. With peeps out of the bag to look too, and Riku sees him. Daisuke panics and tries to push With back into the bag. Riku sees how cute With is, and wants to hold him, but Daisuke refuses, shoving him further in the bag. Daisuke excuses himself and leaves quickly.

Daisuke waters his strawberries, but With wants to go back into the bag. Daisuke replies not now, but they’ll go first thing tomorrow. At the store front, With peeps out of the bag. Daisuke smiles at With’s new buddy, but With is one step ahead of him, as he has dashed inside the store, and is in front of the cage. Daisuke quickly rushes in and stuffs With in his bag when the store owner arrives. Daisuke asks a quick question and then he quickly excuses himself. After running to the alley, he scolds With for running in like that since he would have gotten in a lot of trouble.

At night, With is moping at the window side while the strawberries are almost ripe. Daisuke talks with his family about With’s mood turning sour. Daiki remarks that he follows Dark but not Daisuke, so With considers Daisuke more like a friend or a brother. Daisuke ponders that but when he returns to his room, he doesn’t see With, and the window is open!

Daisuke goes to the pet shop where he sees With in front of the store holding a strawberry in his mouth. Daisuke says the store is closed, but they’ll visit tomorrow.

After school, Daisuke and Riku are walking home. Daisuke wonders why With is so concerned about that rabbit. Riku thinks it’s obvious that With wants a girlfriend, but Daisuke completely misses the point. Riku decides to unite the two and tells Daisuke they’re going to the pet store.

At the store, they find out the rabbit has been sold, and the owner offers another rabbit. At first, Daisuke agrees, but Riku refuses. After they leave the store, Riku scolds Daisuke on choosing a different rabbit since Daisuke’s so clueless on love. It can’t be just any rabbit but that one.

Daisuke fields a call from mom who tells him about an upcoming Dark appearance at 5pm. Riku wonders if rabbits die from loneliness, and both of them get worried, so they continue searching. The weather starts to get worse turning into a rain storm. Daisuke tells Riku that With doesn’t like getting wet, and they ponder where With could be going. They arrive at the windmill structures and spot With at the top of the mill. He was trying to spot the rabbit from a high point but now the wind is blowing hard with the rain. With slips and falls! Daisuke dives and catches him, but they fall over the bridge side, and he pulls Riku over as they fall a few feet down onto the embankment.

It looks like no one got hurt. Riku comments that she had no idea Daisuke was so brave. Daisuke looks at Riku’s eyes and blushes. Then he asks for the time and it’s 10 to 5 so he excuses himself, telling Riku to get out of the rain before she catches a cold. After Daisuke escapes to an alley, he looks at Risa’s picture but Riku’s image gets in the way and he’s confused? Could he have feelings for Riku? Dark awakens and tells him he could have just summoned With as Dark. Dark also thinks they’d make a good pair (Riku and Daisuke). Then he summons and takes off to the museum.

Daisuke and Riku talk on the phone later, and With is binging on strawberries. Riku tells Daisuke that’s really cute.


  • The windmills aren't spinning furiously with the wind and rain storm going on yet the wind is able to blow Wiz off easily.

Quotes Edit

Daisuke: He's so obsessed with this stupid rabbit. It's almost as if he cares more for it than he cares for me. It hurts my feelings.
Riku: You can be so naive sometimes!
Daisuke: Huh?
Riku: This rabbit of yours is a boy, isn't he?
Daisuke: What? Yeah...maybe...
Riku: Think about it for a moment. That little friend of yours is looking for a female companion!
Daisuke: What do you mean?
Riku: Are you that stupid?! He wants a girlfriend, genius!
Daisuke: What? A girlfriend?
Riku: Oh, poor little rabbit, to be saddled with an owner like you. He’ll never find love unless… I’m there to bring them together!
Daisuke: Oh, I see! That’s it!
Riku: No more thinking. You’ll just hurt yourself. 

Dark: What are you in such a hurry for?
Daisuke: Dark?
Dark: Have you forgotten? No matter where he is, if I call, With will come flying to me.
Daisuke: I see. Why didn't you tell me sooner?!
Dark: I guess it was amusing. You guys are such a good pair. You and Riku.